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As competitive pressures increase and supply chains become increasingly complex, efficient and proactive supply chain management has evolved from solely an operations concern to a critical business success factor.  Companies now need real-time visibility into the flow of goods from their suppliers to help them optimize inventory management, reduce lead times and limit transportation costs.  In addition, they need practical, integrated solutions that can be creatively tailored to their unique needs and relationships.  Based on our knowledge and experience across the supply chain disciplines, we have found that a “one size fits all” methodology is no longer satisfactory.  Logistics Master LLC is positioned to meet the supply chain needs of today’s businesses leveraging our innovative philosophies and our dedication to our customers.

Since 2005, Logistics Master LLC has been focused on providing flexible integrated solutions to our customers.  Logistics Master LLC offers a full range of services including warehousing, distribution and contract packaging.  We also provide a variety of value added services to satisfy your specific operational requirements including but not limited to: Inbound Product Receipts, Planning and Distribution, Fulfillment and technology.  Recognized as a company that provides “best in class” service, we have gained the knowledge and operational expertise needed to support our growth.

Our team of professionals are dependable, responsive and dedicated to helping you serve your customers.  Through our “customer centric” approach, we help to make all areas of supply chain management blend together in unison.  Our fully integrated solutions help our customers achieve more efficient supply chains by improving their processes, lowering the costs for systems integration and management and improving the decision support and visibility of their inventory.

Our tailored services are backed by years of industry experience.  We treat our customers business and their customers as our own to create loyalty based on partnerships that deliver value and improved results on a daily basis.

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Centrally located within the United States

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Intelligent Warehouse

Using proven Microsoft technologies

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Reliable Data Center

This state of the art data center.

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Centrally located within the United States, our facilities are easily accessible via major U.S. highways and are within 1 mile of the Tulsa international airport. Our central location allows for great transportation rates with major carriers to all destinations within the continental U.S. Our customers enjoy the ability to ship ground to most destinations and still realize product delivery times of 5 business days or less.
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